What is Chinamerica Radio?

Chinamerica is a unique 24/7 Chinese pop internet radio station. We provide a purely online format playing the latest in Chinese pop sensations. Our announcements, commercials and interviews are in English, but our music is all in Chinese. This means that Chinese Americans and the global Chinese communities can enjoy Chinese pop hits, anywhere they are. Those who’ve listened to Chinese pop their whole lives can still listen to their favorites. We’re the only exclusive Chinese pop music radio station that operates in this format. You won’t get this type of programming anywhere else.

Why Chinamerica ?

Chinamerica is dedicated to providing quality Chinese pop music in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Our audience consists of Asian American young adult listeners; we focus on this rapidly growing demographic, traditionally overlooked by mainstream corporate media in the United States. It all begins here with Chinamerica. Chinamerica Radio has been on the internet since 2007 and our listener base has expanded to nearly a million individual tune-ins per month. Whatever there is a Chinese population embedded in an English language environment, you’ll find our listeners.

Who are we?

Chinamerica Radio was Co-founded by veteran Radio Program Director, Personality, and Programming Consultant, Steve Warren, President of MOR Media International, Inc. and is Executive Producer of Chinamerica Radio. Our Co-Founder is Bo Qiao, holding a Marketing Degree from Beijing Technical University and is the Chinamerica Radio Marketing Manager. Other team-members include morning host, Joan Chin with a background in production and management at major New York radio companies; Ethan Tsai handles many of the outside Chinamerica Radio promotional events; Alex Shih hosts the weekly TAP Pop-Corner Mandarin music program; Hai He is sponsored by Chinamerica Radio at a variety of competitive ping-pong tournaments.

Meet our team:

Executive Producer

Steve Warren
Marketing Manager

Bo Qiao
Public Affairs

Joan Chin

Ethan Tsai

Alex Shih
Ping Pong

Hai He