Chinamerica Radio

FREE phone app! Got our phone app yet? Chinamerica Radio, the 24 Hour Pop-Contemporary Internet station (owned by MOR Media International, Inc.) has an arrangement with Nobex partners for the creating and distribution of our app for mobile devices. (more…)

We have great new prices and radio advertising plans available now. Just request one of our complete ad package presentations. We have both a printed and digital version. Are you a Chinese company looking for product exposure in the United States, or are you an American company seeking to build your brand with Chinese consumers? Either way, Chinamerica Radio has economical advertising packages for every budget and for every type of business. (more…)

Do you have restricted data plan on your smartphone, but an unlimited calling plan? How about this? Now, you can listen to Chinamerica Radio by using your unlimited calling plan. No Internet connection or data plan required. (more…)

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